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ndCriminologyNov 22 Positivist CriminologyThere is no free freedom or choiceWhat I do is not necessarily the product of free choiceIt emerges in 1840 and its in its height until 1930Product of free disposition punishment doesnt really work you want to get to the root of the problemSickness in the head biological social or psychological key principles of positivist crim Francis Galton He is not a criminologist many of his works are important to criminologyHe is Charles Darwin cousins Human faculty 1883coins the term eugenics breeding in desirable qualities and breed out undesirables qualities change human lifeEugenics is the science which deals with all influences that improve inborn qualities of a race also with those that develop them to the utmost advantageVirileeugenics is also a berial creed and the focus is to benefit the human kind Eugenics is full of hopefulness and finally it appeals to mainly of the noblest feelings There is a focus on the action not the actor Lombroso The qualities of the criminal that we cant change are immutable sex raceage1Eugenics is concerned with immutable characteristics and we should do something about it Eugenics attempts to control and regulate these things2Eugenics is scientific It is important because it is an actual shift in the 1800s sc
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