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Lecture 3

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Carolyn Gordon

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WEEK 3January2614547 PM Jones Realism in the Middle AgesRealism as a philosophy contemplates a well ordered cosmosuniverse that dissembles into rational subpartsAristotle argued that eveything has 4 causes for its existenceMaterial substance of which its made1Efficient cause energy that molds it into shape2Formal cause label that characterizes its class and nature1Final cause reflecting its ultimate purpose and reason for existence2Aquinas argued that there are levels of lawDivine directs a persons inner effort to achieve salvation1Eternal imprinted on all creatures and derives inclinations from it2Naural prescribes whats good and prohibits whats wrong universally1Human framed by men as part of their effoty within society to achieve the degree 1of peace and order necessary if they are to strive for perfectionChrisian realists argue that the states power to govern including punishment is derived from GodInterface between church and state holds clue to understanding methods and purposed of punishing people for criminal behaviour Power of kingsRealist philosphy in middle a
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