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Lecture 2

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Carolyn Gordon

WEEK 2January2814910 PM Pfohl The Demonic PerspectiveOldest perspective on devianceSuggests we lok for the cause and cure of deviant behaviour in supernatural realmDeviancesin viewed as a transgression against the will of GodoHuman world a battle ground for forces of the supernatural constantly torn between supernatural forces of good and eviloSuccumb to influence when drawn to deviant behaviour throughThe road of temptation first route some choice weakend and seducible by forms of the devilRoad of posession more determinant literally taken over by the devil or evil spirit no choice no longer responsible once possessedDeviant doesnt act on their own devil lurks behind every actCosmic consequencesoDeviant acts are believed to harm more than the victim each act is a transgression against God and the order of nature and the entire cosmos which are al effected by the deviant behaviours of others cosmic disruptionoInterests of all linked to the control of devianceFeatures of the demonic perspective instigation by the devil and affectation of the entire cosmos Identifying demonic devianceKabre tribeoJustice means conformity to the plan of the creating God and respect for the God given ways of tribal customJustice of men must always reflect justice of GodoEmploy tribunal of notable elders who attempt to hear evidence and settle disputesAccusations of withcraft are consulted by a diviner pscyhiatrist in a contemporary criminal trial within our society opinion damagingoTrial by ordealDenied by the accused judges must seek clearer reading on deviance by consulting GodIf person overcomes then innocentGod fortified the innocent to preserve during the ordealReactions to pain studied as a sign as to whether accused was guilty or notPain of little importance to a society immersed by otherwordly concernsoTrial by battleImage associatedjousting knightsGood person would be victorious becayse believe that justice of God was mirrored in natural eventsSign of innocencestrength in combatReserved for people of wealth
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