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University of Ottawa
Carolyn Gordon

Class 3 Age of MonarchyThe Demonic EraAuthoritypowerThe Catholic Church What was considered a crimeSinful activities treason anything that was seen as a threat to the church or went against the churchExplanations of devianceTemptation by the devil How were the guilty determinedTrail by torture clever test reciting the Lords prayer and messing up physical marks on your body by the devil birth markJustification for punishmentEye for an eye retribution Rationalepurpose of punishmentTo cleanse the soul at the expense of the body restoring balance make and example of that person deterrence affirm and maintain the power and authority of the churchNature of punishmentPublic harsh symbolic inhumaneThe Late Middle AgesKing Harold ruled England Princes held absolute power within own bordersLaw was localized1066Battle of HastingsWilliam of Normandy became new ruler The Rise of the MonarchSociety based on feudalismWilliam awarded main officers land and developed barrens courtsChurch was still a centralized and uniting powerMonarch needed blessing of the ChurchThe Emergence of the Absolute MonarchyMonarch has the power to rule their land freely with no laws or legallyorganized direct opposition in force thth Proposed as a solution to violence of the 1617 centuryLocal autonomy taken away in exchange for peace and safety What is the Divine Right of KingsAuthorized by God to ruleKing is only accountable to GodSinful for subjects to resist themAttack upon throneheresy or treason
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