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Carolyn Gordon

The Emergence of MarxismTrue or FalseThe US crime rate has declined since the 1990s and the prison population has dramatically decreased as well False it has been increasingPoor people commit the majority of crime in society FalseSomeone who embezzles money or doesnt declare all of their taxes often receives a much more severe sentence than someone who steals 300 worth of merchandise FalseCanadians are 18 times more likely to be murdered than to die from a workrelated illness or injury False it is the oppositeWhat is the name of Marxs most influential work Communist Manifesto What year was it published 1848 Who cowrote Fredrick EngelsLaw and the Consensus PerspectiveThe law is the codification of dominant social values and its application functions to benefit the majority of peopleLaw and the Conflict PerspectiveThe law in both its codification and its application is not neutral but reflects the interests of and benefits the powerful segments of society Level of AnalysisCritical Theory o Questions existing social arrangements o Knows it is not equalsome groups have more wealth and opportunitiesMacro Approach o Focus on the large scale structures of societyHe is a conflict theorist and a critical theorist and takes the Macro approach looking at the big picture Karl Marx 18181883Personal ContextJewish heritage but converted to Christianity Marginal social locationNot concerned with the dangerous classes University educationRejected religion from an early age because he saw the hardships that came with it and his father converted themWanted to become a university professor but did not have the opportunity because the friend who was supposed to help him become a professor was fired from his own job as a professor due to his writings of criticisms on the state etc He was apart of the dangerous class so was not concerned with it because he saw that it was not the class itself committing the crimes
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