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Carolyn Gordon

Psychological ExplanationsWho Is Sigmund Freud Father of PsychoanalysisThe case of Anna O mute refused food lost feeling in hands and feet catatonic states involuntary spasms Symptoms but no cause Would have been diagnosed with Hysteria today it would be called conversion disorder She saw Freud discussed all her memories and fears etc and with this she was freed from her fears Release of emotions from memories because after releasing these memories she was able to get over her fears didnt drink water because she saw a dog drink out of a glass a woman had drank out of and she was so disgusted that she didnt want to drink after discussing this memory she was able to drink Focus of functional disorders vs organic Adopted idea of the unconsciousLevels of UnconsciousConscious Current awareness your present perception your thoughts and feelings nowPreconsciousNot aware of material but its retrievable via ordinary retrieval can easily bring to mind when you think about itUnconsciousNot aware of material and its not retrievable Includes everything not easily accessible to usmemories trauma things that make us feel uneasyKey Assumptions of Psychoanalytical Theory What is Psychic DeterminismEverything we think and do and feel is an expression of our subconscious we dont have control over thisNothing happens by chance or accident What is a Freudian slipFreudian slip accidentally saying something when you meant to say something else pay spraint saying an exes name instead of current partner he would say that you have your ex on your unconscious mindHow Can We Reveal the Contents of the UnconsciousFree association patient is relaxed and talks about whatever comes to mind not thinking about what their saying through this association they can reconstruct earlier events and bring them up to the conscious levels and we can shake the unconscious power they have over us and are able Projective Tests Rauchshaw test dream analysis hypnosis Techniques for Revealing the Unconscious
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