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Carolyn Gordon

History of Criminological ThoughtThree different strains of positivismBiologicalPsychologicalSociologicalTonight we are sticking with biological explanations some biological explanations like Lombrosos seem outdated but they are still used today1Dan White assassinated the mayor and his aid the medical examiner said Dan White was not responsible for the killings because he was severely depressed and consumed a lot of TwinkiesCola which worsened his mood swing This stdefense was successful in getting Whites sentence changed from 1 degree murder to voluntary manslaughter2PMS a woman was drunk swerving in her BMW When pulled over she harassed and kicked the police officer her defense in court was that she was afflicted with PMS which caused her to absorb alcohol faster and become irritable this defense was successful and she was acquitted31981 Christine Englick kills her lover with a car and claims it was caused by an aggravated form of PMS which caused her blood sugar to plummet as a result she is only found guilty of manslaughter This shows we have not gotten away from biological explanations The idea that we inherit traits from our parents is often used to explain crime This perspective falls within POSITIVISMBIOLOGICAL HUMANISMHERETIBILITY OF FEEBLEMINDEDNESS Problems of the Mind Intellectual IncompetenceLombrosos theory of atavism was unpopularHe theorized that there were five categories of criminalsoBorn CriminaloHabitual CriminaloInsane CriminaloPseudocriminaloCriminaloidsCharles Goring The English Convict 1913oGoal is to assess Lombrosos theoriesoHe compared criminals to noncriminals using statistical analysisStudied 3000 prisoners and compared them to a control groupLombroso was not really a scientist in an objective way but Goring wasGoring concluded that Lombrosos methods and theory were very flawed and Lombroso was not doing science he was just perpetuating myths
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