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Carolyn Gordon

The Birth of PsychiatryThe Case of Andrea YatesTexasRustyAndreaDepression5 childrenNot a good mother because the children were not developing properlyHad 2 Began the depression had the other two finally put on medication decided to go for a fifth and opposing doctors discretion they tried for another off medication and the depression came back and she snappedJury made up of 11 women 1 manthe women were harsher because Andrea violated what women stand for their caring nature she violated the social structures society has created Guilty sentenced to life in prison with the possibility with parole in 40 years 77yrs Mistrial because of incorrect information3 years later her trial was back in court and she was found not guilty be reason of mental disorder She was thus sent to a mental institution and could be released when they are cleared and not considered to be a dangerhowever they are cautious to release because they dont want the person to relapse when they are outThe Mentally Ill80 of Americans believe ill individuals are dangerous commit crimes and should be fearedththFebruary 13 2009July 30 20083 teens waiting for a subway man kept trying to push them on the tracks when a train was coming they managed to get off the tracks but he was considered not mentally responsible voices told him to hurt the boys NCRnot criminally responsibleMan who killed passenger on the Grey Hound also considered NCR because he said voices told him to do it3 Theories of Mental DisturbancesSupernatural Explanation rooted in religion theology and spirits Psychological Explanation mental disorder results from some sort of trauma death abuse as a result they are suffering from these delusions Must go through therapy and counsellingNatural Explanation mental disorders are viewed as a physical disease a breakdown of the body cured through medicine surgery heavy reliance on experts
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