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University of Ottawa
Valerie Steeves

January 23, 2013 Role of Police in CJS (from the LIBERAL Perspective) 1. Interface between citizen and state 1) Problems - When the cops right to use force is co-opted by state for police purposes - Conflict “cop culture” and role of police in state accountability - Btw the way cops are trained are the role that we expect them to perform. 2) Methods of accountability - Exclusion of evidence - Crim prosecution - Disciplinary hearings - Civil actions “The police are, in effect, the first and main keepers of the integrity and fairness of the CJS… The police have a profound and taxing responsibility to balance individual rights with society’s need for security.” In a bar knife fight: what is the purpose of using force for the cops? – to force people to obey the law, stop them from what they’re doing, to make them conform- to bring it back to a peaceful state. -relationship btw state (cops) and individual is therefore, fear. What are they there for? - To maximize ind. Freedom. - Protect the rights of the two people in the knife fight - Only going to use as much force as reasonably necessary 2. Initiating court process - To get people to court. - This is the role of the police in the CJS, to initiate court proceedings and to get people to court. “Policing is at the heart of the functioning of the state and central to an understanding of legal and political organization” Sheptycki, p.328 Explain: we have given the state the ability to use force against us and they have given that control to the police. When force and violence is used outside of due process, it chills civil liberties (we become afraid to exercise out freedom of speech.) Policing is always central to how much freedom we experience The court has the authority to try criminals, so their job is mainly to get these “criminals” or those who have broken the law, to court. The police reflect us. They act out discriminatory patterns that we feel as a society. Notes APEC 1997 Vancouver meeting:
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