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Valerie Steeves

January 25, 2013 Role of Police in the CJS (Continued) Methods of Accountability 1. Exclusion of evidence - If due process isn’t followed, then by the time you get to course then, any evidence used will not be used and person will be acquitted - Focuses on avoiding bringing the admin of justice into disrepute, not of bringing justice from police - Does not deter cops 2. Disciplinary hearings - Two kinds: Internal and External (a) Internal disciplinary: police force itself looks into allegations against police officers “Cop Culture” makes it hard for these types of hearings to work effectively. (b) External disciplinary: “public complaints commission” – instead of having cops investigate cops, citizens investigate cops. This doesn’t work either because public favors police as well. -this can lead to officer loss of employment > allowed to due process because there will be a loss of liberty -vast majority of cases that have been heard by the PCC have been dismissed 3. Criminal prosecution - Need cooperation of crown. They hate these kinds of cases because they cannot do their job without a close relationship with the police. - Need proof against cop beyond reasonable doubt - 4. Civil action Stacy Bonds Case - Sgt. Desjourdy abused his use of force. Already had charges of excessive force against him. - Arrested on Sept 6, 2008 and on Nov 18, 2010 charges against her heard before a judge. Judge is disgusted with t
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