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University of Ottawa
Valerie Steeves

January 17 2012nd 2LectureTodays lecture will comprise of the followingConstitutional issues1 Division of powersmargarine reference case2 Charter protections3 eg Rv Drapeau Martel MeilleurRole of police in Criminal Justice System1Interface between state and citizenPolitical co optionoEx when state co opts to elect as a fellow member of a group monopoly over force for the political purposes 1997 APEC AsiaPacific Economic Cooperation meeting at UBC in VancouverThe fact that the Indonesian president Suharto is planning on attending this meeting citizens didnt like it so they protested against this policy Conflict with police cultureAccountability2Initiating court precedingjust to get people in the court Mechanism so individuals can end up in court so they can resolve their issueThe state has monopoly The exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service over the use of the force The state has the right to use violence against certain citizensThe state is required to police the actions and only use it within those principlesNo excessive forceThe state uses the police for forceIn many ways the police dont have that much forceBorder officers have more powerThe police is the officer that will act outIf he uses more force then necessary then it makes the state looks badDecreases the legitimacy of the stateHowever if the officer uses the force legitimately then it increases the legitimacy of the stateThis is called Democratic relationshipThe citizen is the source of the state legitimacyAccountability is the issue every time a police officer uses force they have to ensure they dont screw upEveryone is watching everything you doAnd if its not done right then we have fundamental problem with our system
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