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Valerie Steeves

thJanuary 20 2012rd 3LectureTodays lecture will comprise of the followingWhat the CJS criminal justice system expects of police Role of police in the CJS 1 Interface between statecitizen 1Political cooption 2Conflict with police culture 3Accountability i Exclusion of evidence ii Criminal ProsecutionEXAM iii Disciplinary hearings iv Civil Litigation 2 Initiating court proceedings ArrestJudicial interim release bail 1a Problems when1 police coopted by state for political purposes In regards to the APEC the RCMP goes to the PMO Prime Ministers Office and says are you nutsThe meeting was to be held where there was a single entrance to come in and outThe RCMP said this makes no sense one road in and out when you know people are upset and they will be protestingHowever the PMO said no we are not moving the meeting The main concern here was President SuhartoThe RCMP told President Suhartos security team that they cannot carry weapons into Canada The security team said that they will carry them and if the president is embarrassed they will use the weaponsThe RCMP went to the PMO and said you guys are nutsPMO said no make it happen we want trades with this guy Democracy we both win you need to be transparentThe police interact between the citizen and the state These meetings are behind closed doors no interaction between the citizens Major concern because the RCMP is caught in the middle and used as a scapegoat on behalf of the government There are some interaction from the RCMP as the events come up Jaggi Singh is antiglobalization activist student organizer at the timeStudents have come in across the country to protest A day before the event Jagi Singh was in the green space and was doing what everyone else does at a protestHe was using a megaphone to chant and talk to the other protestorsThe police came in and arrested himThethJanuary 20 2012
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