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th January 17 2013THE STATEPolis Greek term for state Athens Sparta RomePolicing a Democratic SystemPeels first principle Police institution should not be seen as a military force The default model is always the military model When it gets into trouble they always revert back London Metropolitan Policefirst professional police created by PeelRubicon riverRomewhen soldiers come home and cross the river they are no longer soldiers but citizensin democracies you do not police its your own peoplefear of policing cops should be friendly and of good humor people who smile more are more likely to be likedhow do we balance police protection of society with individual rightsinherently corrupt always has beenhabeas corpus body of evidenceChristopher Hitchensleft wing thinker advocated torture post 911Arrest without warrant by peace officer495 1 A peace officer may arrest without warranta a person who has committed an indictable offence or who on reasonable grounds he believes has committed or is about to commit an indictable offenceb a person whom he finds committing a criminal offence orc a person in respect of whom he has reasonable grounds to believe that a warrant of arrest or committal in any form set out in Part XXVIII in relation thereto is in force within the territorial jurisdiction in which the person is found
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