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Justin Piche

Prisonization and the Prison Community Overview • Degradation Ceremonies (Garfinkel, 1956) Criminalization as a degradation ceremony Conditions of successful degradation ceremonies • Prisonization (Clemmer, 1958[1940]) Assimilation versus prisonization Prisonization as a social process Determinants of prisonization • Pains of Imprisonment (Sykes, 1958) Types of deprivation Modes of adaptation Garfinkle (1956) Criminalization as a Degradation Ceremony Event Total Identity  “Crime” “Criminal” Conditions of Successful Degradation Ceremonies Characterizing the event and perpetrator as ‘abnormal’ Contrasting to ‘normal’ events and individuals Expertise of denouncer and her or his shared characteristics with witnesses is reinforced Denunciation occurs on the basis of common values and is perceived to be done on behalf of witnesses Denouncer is given authority to speak on behalf of witnesses and represent their values Denouncer is viewed by witnesses as supporting their values Social distance needs to be created between the denouncer and the denounced + witnesses The denounced person is segregated from society Clemmer (1958[1940]) Prison Vs. Assimilation ASSIMILATION PRISONIZATION GROUP CHARACTERISTICS OF Different Similar THOSE BEING ACCULTURATED PROCESS CHARACTERISTICS Gradual Rapid Unconscious Conscious PROCESS OUTCOME “…the “…the taking on in greater or lesser degree assimilated of the folkways, mores, customs, come to share and general culture of the penitentiary” (p. 479) the sentiments, memories, and traditions of the static group” (p. 479) Prisonization as a Social Process Forced anonymization and subordination Development of new habits Insti
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