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The Emergence of Modern Prison Kate Fletcher's first lecture of Winter Semester 2011 titled "The Emergence of Modern Prison"

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Kate Fletcher

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Tuesday, January 11, 2010 Imprisonment As Punishment The Emergence of the Modern Prison Ideologies Behind Imprisonment Punishment: you’ve done wrong and deserve to be punished Treatment: idea that prison gives opportunity to treat ppl that are defective Rehabilitation Treatment given according to how risky we feel they are Prevention: way to prevent crime; keep them locked up and they can’t cause harm Idea of deterrence Deprivation of Liberty: Penalty: prison is a penalty Means of coercion: throw them in jail to exact money from them Don’t pay fine, can’t leave Mechanism of temporary detention: Often occurs after they’ve been given a sentence of incarceration Ecclesiastical Confinement Catholic Church developed prisons – ppl would go to prison cuz they transgressed church laws Idea that God could only take someone’s life so they needed to be put away for life Confinement/solitude  punishment  possibility for penitence Can feel shame, remorse – have the chance to sit there and think of why your behavior was bad Early Punishments Trial by ordeal  trial by battle Corporal punishment, m
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