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Lecture 6

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University of Ottawa
Christine Bruckert

WEEK 6 - LEC 6 - FEBRUARY 10 Sexual assault -1/4 women are sexually assaulted -5-10% of sexual assault is from strangers -mostly between people who know eachother -very harsh sanctions against sexual assault How do we make sense of it Competing explanations Individual: -the person is a sick individual, psychological problems -this is hard to imagine with the extreme numbers of sexual assaults (every 17 seconds) Biological (positivism) -rape is an evolutionary adaption -male want to reproduce, so they take women by force -it is the male sex drive (so high they cannot control it) -arguements that women shouldnt dress sexy so men wont rape them Socio-cultural (feminist) Rape free vs rape prone societies Rape prone: -sexuality understood in terms of men overcoming female resistance -sex as rite of passage for men -patriarchy -includes control of women sexuality -warefare -male dieties -how men and women are known in society Rape Free: -women's autonomey and ownership of body -high respect for reproduvtive capabilities -relation to nature is one of respect not exploitation/domination -no different value assigned sex specific tasks -female or male and female deity Feminist point of departure This challenges biological and psychiological explanations Rape is -violence (not sex) -sex is enjoyable so rape is not about sex -a cultural artefact -a social problem 'rape is about power, not sex' Mobilize Feminists starting to challenge rape myths -stranger, outside, dark/night -female victims (young, persvasive) -idea that women secretly want to be raped -women have sex and then regret it and call it rape -'she could have stopped it' -women lie, and are melicious (sp) -public education and targeted sensitization *general: -perceived as violent, threatening *victims: (women myth) *Offenders: -are men -'greasy criminal types' -racialized -'lonely socially awkward -law and criminal justice reform -grass roots support Rape myths in action The stories we are told; the stories we tell about -the character of the women in general -women lie, will take down a man by crying rape -the kind of women who report sexual assault -the kind of women who is sexually assaulted -she was drunk, asking for it, -if victim wasnt so drunk it would not have happened -the harm done to the victim and the excessive 'cost' to the perpetrator Case study: steubenville rape trial -took a young women to some parties -she was black out drunk -they raped and sexually assaulted and abused -she had no recollection of it -the guys posted pictures on facebook and twitter -a bunch of other football players were aware -charges were laid against the two guys and eventually the two guys get around a year in prison -people focused on how the lifes of the two boys were ruined and that she was drunk so its her fault 10 top tips to end rape (on slides) -resistance Render visible (some) effects of sexual assault Immediate effects often includes -denial -disassociation -self-blame -not reporting event -anger Longer term effects include -rape trauma syndrome -first eeling frequently feeling dirty, humiliation -diminished self-worth, lack of confidence, heightened fear -changed in personality and activities -flashbacks -problems around sexuality Social effects include -loose partners -cha
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