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Christine Bruckert

Week 7- Erotic Dance Live nude girls unite (film) 1. What forms of resistance are highlighted? What are the benefits of these approaches? Limitations? o No pink day 2. What problems of the erotic dance/ peep show industry are highlighted in the video? o Women were being filmed in one way mirrors o Leaving doors open so everyone can watch o Sick days they had to find someone like themselves or better to cover for you o Racial discrimination 3. Did you find any aspects of the video problematic? Why? o Mother - prostitute avocate, but super against her daughter stripping o Wanted to stand up for it for someone else but when its in her family she doesnt like it o Worried about her repretation of the conference o Couldnt understand why she chose to do that work 4. Did you find any aspects of the dancers discourse problematic? Why? o Stigma agaisnt lap dances "what are they doing in there? Are they having sex?" o Making a peep show seem better o In legal contracts should they use pussy or vagina? You want to be serious and professional Lusty Lady • Success at unionization • Not good with institutional racism • Unionization didnt stop racism between dancers and managers • How is racism addressed? • Peep show - different employment - employee - why they could unionize • Had a reputation for good working conditions • Most of the managers were women • Put on makeup as a mask • Dance in small mirrored rooms • Watch through glass • "paid wjat I was worth" • Sex work as a sacred act - life force and healthy, spirital service • Was late by a couple of mins and was told she wouldnt get her sceduled raise • If you forgot to go to a meeting, you were put back down to min wage • Trying to get rid of you before you reach top wage to save them money • Had to come in sick or you could lose your job • Replacement had to look somewhat like you, all classified by race and breast size • One dancer of color per shift • Wouldnt scedule black dancer at all in please talk booth • Black dancers not as marketable • Would be secretly filmed, show up in porno tapes and on the internet, told managers, and they did nothing • Saftey, legal rights violated • "if you cant live with it, you shouldnt work here" • Tried to unionize, managers removed one way glass and sceduled more black dancers • Had to neogiate for a contract • Owners dont want to contract • Wanted sick pay and health insurance, cant fire without just cause, dont categorize by breast size and race • Not allowed to say "pussy" • Accused of sexually harressing themselves • Dont close the doors so all there friends can see on the same quarter • Pulled out a gun at a dancer bc he didnt like that he was told to close the door • Asked for bullet proof glass and told that id there voice was different it wouldnt have happened • What you had to do to make your money changed, before it was the stage, now its lap dancing • Getting paid less and less to do more and more • Stage fees: charging the dances to come to work, up to 150$ • Fired if you dont make your quota • Pressuring them to do illegal things to make quota • Managers tried to pimp them out • "independant contracters" cant unionize • Strippers started to sue for better wages and to stop sexual harressment • No pink day- danced with legs closed, fired one girl • Wrote notes on there hands about unfair labour conditions and customers left • Closed down the business for a few hours to protest, the manger closed it down for 3 days to scare them • Summer eventually got her job back • Some poeple say its oppressive to all women • Some say its empowering • "this is my body and I can do what I want" • Wanted Agency shop and a sick day • Lusty lady first unionized strip club in states Tuulia Law • Talking about the stripper industry in Ontario • "whenever there is power there is resistance" -Foucault • Think of strippers as disempowered • Some times theres good and bad managers Assumptions • Assumption that sex workers have no boundaries • Stripping as womens work o Men strip too o Usually for other men • Stripping is no
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