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Christine Bruckert

Week 11 - Making the Links Neo- Conservatism, Poverty and Health Income Inequity: the 99% • Rich get richer and poor and middle stagnate • Greatest income disparity in Canada since 1920 o Most of the wealth is held by few people o Most people dont have much money o Larger income gap o Middle class is disappearing • Richest 3.8% of Canadians control 66.6% or wealth Feminization of Poverty • Women who leave partner are 5x more likely to live in poverty • Neo-conservatism: every person for themselves Arguement • If state policies systematically undermine womens economic situation • And if poverty is associated with excessive death (deaths that shouldnt have happened) and ill health o Ex: die from being stressed because you are racialized • Then the policies are implicated in the death and harm Neo-conservatism policies and increased economic and social marginality for women? • Right to pay equity for public civil servants removed o Cant sue for pay equity • National child care are program dismantled in 2006 o More children work o High fees for childcare • Cuts to public service o Good jobs disappearing • Freeze on welfare payments o Getting less • Extend age of retirement till 67 o Working or on welfare • Omnibus crime bill • Cut funding to womens organizations (for first nations, immigrant, older women...) • Deny groups right to advocate (tied to funding) o Dont get funding • Close 20 of 24 status or women offices • Not yet but...abortion up for debate o Debate on when a fetus becomes a human being o Might become illegal again if we decide its from conception o Creates back alley abortions, unwanted children Video: Unnatural Causes • What is the link between excess death/ poor health and poverty? Racialization? Marginalization? • How does this work? • What links can we draw between state policies and excess death/ poor health? United States • Live shorter, sicker life • Higher number of babies die in first year of life • If identical twins have different economic status when they are older (rich/ middle class) there health differs too • Excess death = premature death, that shouldnt have happened • The wealth of the 1% rich is greater than the wealth of the 99% combined • College graduates live on average 2 1/2 years longer than high school graduates o Optimisism for future o Better job • Beccause of policies or lack of policies • In the poverty district - one meal a day by the end of the month cause they cant afford food • Many dont have jobs • Less stressed caught less colds • Most of the poor in america are white • Blacks die early than whites o More at risk of disease o Racialized - linked with high blood pressure • Ability to buy good food • Stressors: • Where you live, what you eat • Low control, high demand jobs • Idea of power • Effects racialized people • Still has that stress of being racialized • Abusive relationship • Being harrassed at work • Nervous to go out • Live-in care provider p
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