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Christine Bruckert

Lecture 7 February-01-13 12:56 PM Sunny Marriner • Long time VAW activist • Former Young Woman at Risk Program Coordinator • Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa (SASC) *will be on the exam -the women she works with are usually 16-24 and usually are characterized as women who are criminalized or marginalized -sexual violence globally is used as a way to control a nation, interpersonally to control women -we have an idea of who idealized victims • Largest group of sexual assault victims is are inmates (between 80-95% have experienced it) -not a lot of theorists, support workers etc. -"policing unfounding of sexual violence" -only 10% of sexual violence is reported • Why is it that low? • Why don't more women report sexual assault? -immediately puts the onus on the women -doesn't acknowledge that maybe women are reporting and most of them are being sent home by the police -never saw a conviction or a charge in those 4 years in her work • She's seen some charges but still not a conviction • So what's happening? -Ottawa 2004-2009 -took her 10 years to get stats on from the police -90% of women aren't part of the equation because they don't report -of the women who report 80% are sent home with no charges laid -20% have charges laid -half of those (10%) , a crown "stays the charges", pleas a deal -of the other half that go to court, only half of those get a conviction -1/200 may result in a conviction (not even necessarily jail time) • Why is the discussion on tightening laws instead of the 90% who don't even report -who has access to justice? • It's access to the legal system they're talking about -the legal system is just a sterile tool that may or may not result in justice, justice is about what's fair • Shift to access to the legal system -a lot of the time this means money - lawyers etc. which comes to discussions about legal aid -but is access always equal if we all have money? -"there may be a crowbar at the door" -four things to have access: 1. Have to know that a crime has been committed • Huge amount of sexual assault occurs in spaces where they don't know if it's legal or illegal • Ex. A violent relationship- this is reported to the police, this person is convicted for domestic violence. Then she goes to counselling and they try to figure out what kinds of abuse she experienced; once she comes to the sexual assault section she realizes that her boyfriend did these things but didn't realize it was a crime • Ex. Grooming is what a
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