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Lecture 3January18131257 PM Concepts and ContextTA Nicole nli103uottawaca Outline1The Beauty Imperative2Video Killing us Softly 41 Discussion1Small group work time permittingThe idea that womens appearance is important Gender scripts that happen in beauty advertisements and magazines Even as someone as high powered as Hilary Clinton is still criticized for her appearance acts as a context for violence against women and violence against the self interpersonal violence and economic violence itselfWomen do not experience it equallyReproduced by women against women not just men oppressing womenalso an economic element whats the construction of the ideal womanHas to be attractive and beautifulWhats changed is the way the media perpetuates these images so that the standard of beauty applies to everyoneThe emergence of TV gave us a scale on which women were compared It becomes oppressive is when it becomes mandatory and when the difference between the reality and the ideal is too great for ex In our society now the idea that the ideal woman is very slimthe contestants for beauty pageants have smaller and smaller weights waists hips not breasts but the American woman is actually getting bigger The ideal today is very slim but its not the case everywhere and it wasnt the case all the timewomen who were larger could survive the famine and will have lots of children In Nigeria you have farms where you fatten up before you marry a wealthy man no different then women who are starving themselves to be thin You also have to be young have flawless skin and be white whats the effect of thisSociety of excessive dieting to the point of anorexia110 and 18 in the states and Canada have an eating disorder they die of heart failure organ failure and the body actually eating itselfchildren in kindergarten saying they are too fat Happens when slimness becomes mandatory and is become even slimmer Originally they wanted models to be flat chested small butts so that there would be no distraction from the clothing
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