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University of Ottawa
Christine Bruckert

Lecture 5 January-25-13 12:42 PM First Nations Canadians -victimization is mediated by social location • Vulnerability to victimization • Forms of violence (self-inflicted, interpersonal, institutional, state… ) • Strategies and tactics available to resist • Access to resources to mitigate Racism- plays out in • public harassment -verbal threats, attacks • Stereotypes -alcoholics, sexually promiscuous etc. , it's about creating people who are "less than" (assuming that violence against them is less serious) -when we begin to ascribe negative words to certain people is the first step in this • Social indifference- to the plight aboriginal women • Police non-engagement • Lack of political will -" refusing to keep track of the numbers of our sisters and daughters who have been murdered or gone missing is just another way of ignoring this tragedy." • Gwenda Yuzipappie -In the media stories we got to know the white women (they were humanized), it was front page news, there were photos of the women etc. Opposite for aboriginal women who weren't even named they were just called "aboriginal woman" • Quantitatively there is a difference between how white women and aboriginal women are treated by police -Highway of Tears • After 8 women had gone missing, it wasn't until a white woman had gone missing that it made national news headlines -Sisters in Spirit have compiled a database of missing aboriginal women • Money was taken away from them and given to the RCMP -They don't collect information on race therefore this completely disappeared Resistance • Identity politics -being proud to be Aboriginal • Challenging stereotypes • Through writing and creativity and reclaiming culture • In acts of defiance • Using the courts, UN etc. -In Canada it is a crisis, Human Rights Watch has actually condemned Canada (international shaming) • Women's organizations • Protests and public education -the rate of solving murders of aboriginal women is much lower -even among aboriginal women there are different stratifications as to what it means to be a "good victim" • Most aboriginal women were not sex workers, drug addicts etc. Finding Dawn -What is it about Numbers? • Why does the narrator begin and end the film with the question "what is it about numbers?" was she successful in moving beyond the numbers? -Stereotypes that Aboriginal Women Face • What role do systems, laws, and instituti
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