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Christine Bruckert

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What Does VAW Mean? - What are the implications (our actions, our understanding of the world, our experience of gender) of violence against women and our awareness of violence against women o Men o Women o Society Progress - Historical Reflections o Told to disciplined through the church, rape was not a crime against the woman but to the father or owner of that woman (a theft) - The Women’s Movement o Victorian feminists, middle class women trstng to save working class nd women. Women should be nurtured (1 wave), reemerges with 2 wave (voting), biological argument. Rape is a ‘biological practice’ of men. Very white movement – projecting their analysis on everyone else. 3 wave, social structure, patriarchal elements - Limitations Victimization of Women (Not women as ‘victims’) - Women and men are victimized - Gendering of nature and form of victimization Question - What types of violence are women vulnerable to? o Medical violence – abortion - To what types of violence are particular populations of women vulnerable? o Aboriginal vs. white gay vs. straight - How can we understand this? Canadian Women in Politics - 50%+ of population - Huge progress since 1921 Although: - 24.6% MPs (38% NDP; 16% CP) - 23% provincially - Rate 44 in world behind Rwanda, Argentina, Japan, U.K, Russia - Why are there so few women in politics? o Women are still primary caregivers o Single mothers outnumber single fathers o Women are located in located in occupations where they cant take off 6 weeks to run campaigns o Women make and have less money (7
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