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Christine Bruckert

CRM2307 – September 12 , 2012 Cost of Fear:  Fear is perpetuated by things such as police warnings  When really women are more likely to be sexually assaulted by their partner or people they know Progress: Historical Reflections on VAW:  Normalized, imbedded in policies of church  Ministers telling men in congregation to discipline wives  Women publicly shamed and disciplined  Rape was not considered a crime, it was considered a monetary theft against the husband  Was not illegal to rape your wife The Women’s Movement:  Victorian feminists  Movement against wife battery  Then tapers off to women getting the vote  Second wave of feminism takes on violence  Biological argument that men were naturally driven to rape  Idea that rape was a cultural and biological and collective of all men  Third wave: a much broader analysis of men vs women, focus more on societies structures and imbedded patriarchy VAW: note women as victims  Women and men are victimized  Gendering of nature and form of victimization Ask: - What to what types of violence are women vulnerable? o Medical violence such as abortion etc. - To what types of violence are particular populations of women vulnerable? o Such as aboriginal women - How can we understand this? Canadian women in politics: - 50%+ of population - Huge progress since 1921 But - About a quarter of MPs are women (gender inequity) - 23% provincially - Rate 44 in world behind Rwanda, Argentina, U.K, Japan, Denmark, Russia - Why? Family responsibilities - Single mothers outnumber single fathers - Cant afford to 6 weeks off to campaign - Women have less money - Women don’t run in winnable seats, only men do - Systemic barriers against women obtaining a position - Women in politics are put up to extreme scrutiny, they are watched ten times clo
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