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Rebecca Jesseman

CRM2306 Review Policy window: - Politics - Problem - Policy Interest Groups: - Pursue common interests - Influence public policy - Work towards advancing their members’ interests - Interest of a particular social group - Advance broad social interests - Can have different structures - Challenges: o Membership fluctuations o Resources o Membership driven – volunteer o Government funded – spend more than 10% of budget on advocacy loses charitable status  Donations would become taxable o Agreement among members - Distinction between interest groups and social movement o Social groups are seeking social change - New social movements: o More social movements taking a grass-roots approach; broader social change - Policy Influence through: o Media o Member education/awareness o Lobbying o Protests/public activity - Competing Theory: o Pluralist Theory:  Variety of groups influence the government  State waits for interest groups to come to them, listens to groups equally o State-Centered Theory:  Public policy as the outcome of interaction between governing institutions  Determining role in interest group function o Between two theories, where is the power located?  State: individual o State’s role in policy (Pluralist theory):  Passive - Benefits of Interest Groups: o Voice that is different from government o Raises new issues o Marginalized groups o Puts pressure on government to address issues other than their own o Membership benefits (Personal) - Risks of Interest Groups: o Not necessarily for public benefit o Consistency o Political influenced o Exploited o Bias o Legitimacy o Limited Opportunities - Lobbying: o Lobbying is communicating, with public office holders, for payment with regard to:  The making, developing or amending of federal legislative proposals, bills or resolutions, policies or programs  The awarding of federal grants, contri
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