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Lecture 3

CRM2309 Lecture 3: Prisoners of Age

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Erin Mc Cuaig

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Available at the library Hamilton, Alabama, USA. 300 people in that specific prison. Robert, 62-63 (sex crime). "Feel good physically, feel good mentally". When you're in prison at an elderly age, you can't see the grandchildren, etc. When they returned to the prison with the book, many of them died however some of them want their stories to be told. This guy shot his wife because she was jealous and felt no remorse. Victor Hamilton - This man lived with a go-go girl and had ask not to bring drug dealers to their house and their fights escalated. He hit her with a hammer - murder. He can't get any closure or apologize. He says you can't rationalize taking someone's life. You can't sit up on the bunkbeds because the rooms are so tiny. Refers to themselves as "garbage of society", he doesn't want to impose on anyone? Jerry Jackson (51 years old) - Vehicle manslaughter - He was drunk driving and killed his baby brother who was 29 years old. He has to live the rest of his life knowing he's the cause of his dead brother. You'd never tell if the old man have been to jail or not because he looks like the rest of the old men alive until you get to know their backstory/crime report? Michael Wou - you see a new side of prisoners. You don't want to demonize them nor do you want to glorified them. Calvin Selman (1968 he's been in jail for) - murder. He wrote two songs about his time in prison (1968). A lot of them have sent their life in jail and will end up dying in prison. Many of them want to send their photographs to show young men what they could end up like in the next 20 years of life in jail, etc. Leon Davis (Attempted Murder) - shot his wife/girlfriend but she didn't die?? Gary Pinyon (Murder) - he was in law enforcement for 3 years prior to his 14 years (currently) and he has a life sentence. He fell in love and she wanted to have her husband killed and he hired a hitman. She was abused, which is one of the reasons he helped her do it. He was at a bad time of his life - wasn't happy with anything (perhaps depression?) but now he states he's happy and "real happy" on the streets. Many of them garden. Many of the things are done for them, they're told what to do and they're content and that's their life for the next 40 years or so o Feels hopeless o Die at 65/70 They have pill call for about 5 times a day, mostly for illnesses. Cheryl Cofield (psychologists) has several mental illnesses, many of them have A young prisoner is like 20k a year; an old one is about 65k a year - basically 24 hour care. Dr. Wyndol Hamer has the whole nine yards - anything really. Most of them have chronic diseases. Many of them are in the "hospital part" and they share diseases because it's so tiny and they're so placed together. Places have changed since 1999 - the room originally held the healthy roommates but now it's the opposite. This one guy is not expected to live much longer. Boyd (murder) 80 years old - he has throat cancer In 10 years, they'll turn more into a hospital than an actual prison now because they're old. This is what society is paying for, and when you look at the prison population, it's costing a lot more than expected and there is probably a better way to do things. Prisons in Canada 1997 Women's prisons, standard prisons. The opposite of Alabama. Standard prisons was the largest and has the most prisoner population. They started an old folks program because of the increase demand on the prison. There are a 174 lifers, 170's in for life. 2004 health care fair that deals with the individuals who deal with health issues, and expecting over 400 men to view their presentation/fair. In Canada, they try to rehabilitate the criminals so they can go to half way homes and be a citizens again. They teach the inmates "TRADES" so they have a trade when they go out in society again. Community service projects - Edward Francis (murder) was a child of the state, he was terrified to go home because of his dad's drinking problems and has dealt with all kinds of abuse. He admits he does have an addiction to drugs and alcohol (which has been his drug choice). He's doing a double life sentence. 2013 is his parole sentence. In court, a mother asked him why did he kill her son and he can't bring him back, they're gone and there's a heavy price to pay for his pride, ego, stubbornness. Two people ended up dead when he last had a drink. A priest, lecturer, (David McClure) - sexual assault. They have no exact time of when he'll be released or not. He takes 20 different pills a day. He's seen 5 people die in prison since he arrived. In 1989, a modern prison, with handicap common rooms and cell rooms. Michael Vorontsoy - He had a Ph.D in Russian History. Sexual Abuse - abused his brother for multiple years. He had a test and he had a high score which was extremely bad. He feels remorse of what he caused him. The producer doesn't treat the inmates any different although their crimes may be atrocious, disgusting, etc. he will still treat them like reg
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