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Lecture 23

CRM2309 Lecture 23: CRM 2309 A - Lecture 23

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Erin Mc Cuaig

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November 30 CRM 2309 A Lecture 23 Community Corrections and Health Community Supervision - Two categories: o Community sentences Aversion Gradual release o Conditional release Released from institution Parole 80% of offenders are on parole Gradual Conditional Release Conditional Release: period of conditional supervised release in the community following a prison term - Post custodial conditional supervision and those sentenced to a term of supervised release Conditional Release Programs in Canada - Full parole o Apply after 1/3 of sentence is complete - Day parole o To go to school or work - Temporary absence o Family death, medical, compassionate - Statutory release o If you stay out of trouble for 2/3 of sentence you can be denied by parole board but you are likely to be released - Warrant expiry o Not conditional but means your term of imprisonment is over o No conditions or supervision There has been a decline in provincial parolethe rest of parole is done by federal parole People have been less likely to be released because of publicity and danger Benefits of parole: - Ppl placed on conditions while returning to society and can be controlled in some form - Less likely to get into trouble againNovember 30 Conditions of Conditional Release: - Not associating with people who are bad influences - Reporting to parole officer - Letting everyone know changes of residence - Maintaining work or attending meetings - Not coming into contact with the victim ***Parole board sets conditions for offender Violations during parole are dealt with by the judge and can have it revoked or sent back to prisonnormally because of technical violations (reporting to officer, urine tests, etc.) Probation: Parole: Ordered by judge Ordered by parole board Part of sentence No minimum or maximum Max 3 years Can be revoked May replace or follow prison term Non-compliance may lead to new charges and trial Incarceration makes health conditions worse. These group of people normally dont have good health going into prison, have poor access to health care, are of a minority, low financial means to get good health; and also have to deal with the impacts that come from being in an institution (stress, sexual victimization, etc.) Deprivation: divested of individual rights and possessions that are offered to free i
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