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Lecture 17

CRM2309 Lecture 17: CRM 2309 A - Lecture 17

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Erin Mc Cuaig

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November 9 CRM 2309 A Lecture 17 Law Enforcement and Health ***Criminology Week: November 13-17 Law Enforcement in this class is not including correctional officers. Policing and the military are the only groups that can use societal approved violence and force. Injuries Involving Police and Suspects - When someone is injured it usually occurs in the arrest process o Bruises o Sprains o Abrasions - Use of force incidents are rare; the relative occurrence is not a lot - Injuries can be caused because of the weapons used o Ex. In a study it was found that metal flashlights were used to hit people Most injuries occurred by this Now-a-days it is: Tasers or pepper spray o Ex. 2. In another study, punching was found to be a common use of force that caused injury Either injuring the officerbroken bone from hitting the offender or injuring the offender o Ex. 3. Suspects are most likely to be injured when the officer uses bodily force Tackling, punching, kicking, etc. Police dogs Injuries were normally because they attacked the dog o Increase in the amount and calibre of weapons is because of: Women joining the police force Not a hands on tactictries to put an end to peoples resistant without getting close enough to be injured - Police officer injuries are relatively rare and minor in use of force incidents o PO injuries are related to the type of force being used More common in use of bodily force Putting on handcuffs, tackling to the ground o Getting close to subject and using hands-on tactic has more risk of injury Law Enforcement and the Mentally Ill Police are the only people who are called when a mentally ill person needs helpinjuries involving incidents with PwMI are a first and last resort.November 9 Reading found: - There are higher levels of police use of forcemaybe because of resistance, or drugs/alcohol, or preconceived idea of danger by policeand they are more likely to be injured. - When these things are controlled, there might be other things at play that can have an impact on injuries Johnson found: - POs are not likely to use more violence - Factors Involved: o Specific disorderswith psychotic or delusional factors Perceive police as a threat Fear of re-arrest Police can apprehend and take PwMI to a hospital to see if they are a harm o Drug treatment If PwMI is not following their medications they can act out o Substance Abuse o Stressful life events Being evicted Causing trouble and being moved Something starts and begins a stressful
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