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Lecture 22

CRM2309 Lecture 22: CRM 2309 A - Lecture 22

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Erin Mc Cuaig

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November 28 CRM 2309 A Lecture 22 Sexual Victimization in Prison SV in prison is too often treated as consensual sexual behaviourbut it isnt, it is abuse. Most criminals are young men who in their sexual years are confined together. If you put people of the same sex together then homosexual behaviour will occur; however, this is not usually consensual sexual starvation. Normal impulses are called perversions because of the situation theyre in. Faithfulness to one woman is ridiculed; people deviate from social norms; rules are against sexual contact so prisoners do the opposite Attitudes of inmates are distorted by prisons; their views towards family, wives, sisters, etc. are tainted. Donaldson (2001) - Prison subculture fuses sexual and social roles together o Assigned roles o Seen in patriarchy - Confinement in prisons is the most racist and sexist environment - Classification system draws a distinction between active and passive people o Majority will be so-called men Rule the roost Successful, continual refusal of sexual penetration Gang members/ gang leaders AKA Jockers Paired off with another prisoner he becomes daddy If he behaves in sexual activity he becomes bandit Always identifies as heterosexual before and after prison Considered male and not homosexual Men are supposed to fight for their protective manhood o So-called female Always passive o Punks Forced into sexually submissive role Usually through rape Has a sociological aspect to it Were heterosexual before and after prison but with difficulty Slaves Bought, sold, traded Inexperienced prisoners, young, small
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