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Erin Mc Cuaig

How to kill a human being ­ Film • Trying to find a humane way to kill a human • Trying to understand what it feels like to die • Lethal injection: o Put two needles in the arm incase you lose the vein on one arm o Technicians do it, not doctors or nurses o Some people dont care if it causes them a little pain o Aesthics dont last long enough for the injections  Paralized and feeling like they are on fire, die of suffocation before heart stops • Hanging: o Still happens in two states o Length of drop depends on weight  Different countries uses different tables decided how long the drop is  Cant have a fool proof table o Snaps spinal cord or tightens so much it stops your heart o If you can do that 100% of the time it would be humane, but anatomies are different even if you weigh the same so it doesnt always have the same effect o When you extend rope, head comes off  Happened to husains brother • Electric chair o 10 american states o Last used as recently as sept 2007 o 2450 volts o Con
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