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27 Jan CRM 2310Custodial Sentence o A provincial sentence max duration2 years less a day2 yearsfederal o Someone who works as a probation works primarily in the field visit people found guilty at homes work neutral environments o On the federal sideCustodial parole officersNoncustodial parole officers stndo Sentence is life for 1 and 2 degree murderManslaughter the judge has latitude in the sentence nd In 2 degree murder the judge has to determine when the person is eligible for a person to apply for parole st 1 degree murder no possibility for parole until 25years are servedIn this line of work we encounter all sorts of individuals from every walk of life who have a plethora of problems that need to be addressed Need to get citizen reintegrated back into society successfullyo To be helped the person needs to admit they did wrong o Infinite and finite sentenceTheres no end to the infinite sentence most people are serving finite sentences Carla Holmoka sentenced to 12 served 12Problem with these the person isnt habilitated and likely still dangerous if not actually innocent rdo Parole available after 13 of sentence o Society is much safer if we allow people to leave jailpenitentiaries it allows us to see them reintegrate theyre supervisedHolmoka case there was no more control unsupervised and unmonitored o Probation is a sentence at he provincial levelCustodial or noncustodial sentence o ParoleEarned person on probation who commits another offense might be charged with a new offense but not sent to jailPerson on parole obliged to respect all conditions of paroleSocial economy is a grassroots entrepreneurial notforprofit sector based on democratic values that seek to enhance the social economic and environmental conditions of communities often with a focus on their disadvantaged members o Work with the marginalized disenfranchised members of society o Not all bums lots of working poor in every city oExamples of organizations
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