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Michel Doiron

3 February 2012 CRM2310CBC Videos o Prisons dont just protect society from convicts it shelters convicts from what they did and who they are o Prison garden work release was a form of rehab it relaxed the prisoner and they didnt feel imprisoned and under scrutinyPeople knew they were prisoners and didnt feel afraid of them and that meant a lot to the inmateFelt people were there to make a difference and even tho is was a little part they were giving it a shot o Prison is about isolation damages your pride and soul and you never get it back o Stalling after 16 years to about getting outShe was unsure of herself would it be easier to stayWhat would it be like back in the communityThe halfway house Cathy was being returned to was in the most crime ridden part of the cityShe became skittish people running worry her you dont run in prisonAgrees that she signed up for all the horrible things she went through by doing her crime
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