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University of Ottawa
Michel Doiron

10 February 2012 Midterm What will be on it o Saul Alinsky went to war videoReading on VC o Connect with Mark Kelley Hard Times o The Quiet revolution VC o The CPTSD VC o Chapters 16 Community and Agency counseling Format o 25 MC TF 1020 short answer 2 essay questions Crime prevention though social development o The mot effectiveand least costly way to prevent crime is to intervene early to help those at risk of becoming offenders or victims o Early intervention reduces the number of people who offend and the number of people who are victimizedHow can we use a hockey stick to target harden Put a stick in the patio door so it cant openLocking the door deadbolt o This approach is called crime prevention through social development o CPSD targets the causes of crime in order to stop crime before it happens o Factors such as domestic violence poor parenting substance abuse low literacy skills and pverty place people at higher risk of coming into contact with the law as offenders victims or both o The national crime prevention strategy uses CPSD to address the root causes of crime and revent further crime and victimization o In Canada crime has traditionally been dealt with through reactive o But this amount represents only a portion of the total cost of crime o It personal and physical costs are included such as for the pain and suffering of victims or lost productivity the cost of crime in Canada is estimated to be 100 Billionyear o Furthermore this figure doed not include the cost of whitecollar crimes such as tax evasion and stock market manipulation o It is clear that crime costs Canadians dearly o The 100billion that we spend on crime is more than every level of government spends on education in Canada o It costs us 100000 in incarcerate a young offender for one yearthat is more than double the cost of putting a young person through university for four years o There are other costs that cannot be quantifiedCrime hurts people and makes them feel unsafe and descreaes their quality of life and it changes the face of our communitiesThe ripple effect
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