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Lecture 15

CRM 1300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Common Assault, Victim Impact Statement, Judicial Discretion

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CRM 1300
Carolyn Gordon

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Chapter 9: Sentencing and Punishment
Sentencing has drastically changed in the past years
Public humiliation was a huge form of sentencing before (the stocks and pillories –
audience participation encouraged – throwing rotten vegetables, yelling things,
sometimes the people’s ears were nailed to the wood --- tar and feathering --- lashing)
Punishment of the body has shifted to punishment of the mind now
2010/2011 Canadian Statistics
Which province has the highest rate of incarceration?
Prince Edward Island – take very harsh approach to impaired driving, more likely
to sentence someone to jail time for it
Which province has the lowest rate of incarceration?
Nova Scotia
What % are found guilty?
What is the most common sentence?
Probation (365 days)
Average amount for fines
Most common offence to receive fine?
1. Impaired driving
2. Theft
3. Common assault
Age group?
18-24 yrs of age
Male or female?
Significantly more males than females
Types of crimes?
For females - theft, and fraud, (and prostitution)
For men - sexual offences
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