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Sam Alvaro

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Oct. 31, 2011
Violent Crime: Violence and Society
- We do not associate attractiveness to murder and assault etc.
- Pictures of women all teachers who slept with their students
Roots of Violence:
Personal Traits: brain injuries, mental illness, abnormal brain wave patterns, low
intelligence, psychotic symptoms, etc.
Family Dysfunction: family violence, physical and sexual abuse, physical
punishment, inconsistent discipline.
- Alcohol increases aggression
- Trafficking creates disputes
- Addiction creates need for money
Firearms Availability:
- Explains U.S. Canada differences
- In Canada, 14,000 gun-related deaths over 10 years
- Mainly suicides (81%) and accidents
Sexual Assault:
Historical Masculinity Related Issues:
- Women were viewed as property of men
- Rape was offense against the father or husband
- Rape diminished the value of wife or daughter
Rape and the Military: Canadian and American Military
- Complaints of sexual assault in 1990’s
- Rape has long been associated with warfare
- Women are considered to be spoils of war
- Vietnam, Bosnia, Africa
Incident of Sexual Assault:
- Only 1 in 10 are reported to police
- Embarrassment, self-flame, mistrust of police
- Greater willingness to report as a result of public attitudes
- Most occur in summer and on weekends
- 39% of women over 18 report having been sexually assaulted sometime in
their lives
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