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Lecture 3

CRM 1301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Eye For An Eye, Social Control

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CRM 1301
Carolyn Gordon

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-Provided explanation to:
>misfortunes in society
>reflects knowledge of the time
-- people were fearful of science
--turn to educated people of society, who happened to be people of the church
-Maintained status quo:
>protect privileges (ppl at top keep their power, ppl at bottom stay at the bottom)
>discourage rebellious behaviour
-Diverted Attention:
>blame witches and the Church becomes indispensable
Provided scapegoat:
>target powerless or threatening groups (ie patriarchal society and women)
Rationale for Punishment
-rooted in Christianity
>biblical law - lex talionis: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
(Thou shalt not let a witch live)
-Penance through physical pain
-Restore order of the world
>maintain balance
-Eliminate evil spirits though death
>symbolism of fire (eternal hell person would experience)
>general (broad/society) and specific (targeted at certain group)
-Affirm authority of the Church
-Social control
>rid society of undesirable/deviants
Modern Day "Witch Hunts"
Ie ISIS crisis in America and Muslims
"New immigrants are taking our jobs"
Anti-homosexual laws in Russia
Ex: crime rate is increasing, H1N1
Ex: Church, media, MADD, pro-life movement, Al Gore
Witch Craft In Context
January 27, 2015
3:57 PM
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