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Lecture 8

CRM 1301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Eurocentrism, Somatotype And Constitutional Psychology, Craniometry

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CRM 1301
Carolyn Gordon

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CRM1301 –Biological Positivism
Cold-Blooded Killer?!
- Of a different kind –we are warm-blooded and they are cold-blooded
- Closer to an animal than a human being
- Different physiological make-up
Are Criminals ‘Born Bad’?
- Predisposition + environment?
- Nature/nurture?
- Babies can’t be evil?
Biological Positivism
- Why do some people commit crime?
- People commit crime because they are physiologically different than non-criminals
- Biologically inferior
- Criminals can be measured using the scientific method
- A person’s skull conformed to their brain function
- Larger skull/ larger brain mass = superior
- Smaller skull/smaller mass of brain = inferior
- Created in 19th century
- Certain areas of the brain control certain types of behaviours and personality traits
- The more an area in the brain is used, the larger it would get
Eventually, the area will get so big that it would become a huge bump
- Identified 26-35 special faculties of the brain:
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- Erotic faculty  sexual offences
3 Regions of The Brain
-Intellectual faculties
-Moral sentiments
-Lower function
In a criminal, this function would be the biggest
In non-criminals, all the functions would be balanced
-Based on physical appearance (specifically their face)
-People who had features that resembled animals were not to be trusted
-Ex. long yellow hair –deceptive
-Ex. woman with wide apart teeth –not to be trusted
-If 2 people were suspected of a crime, the less attractive one was guilty
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