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Lecture 17

CRM 1301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Fundamental Attribution Error, Unconditional Love, Substance Abuse

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CRM 1301
Carolyn Gordon

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Julia Quast
CRM 1301 C
April 5th, 2017
Psychological Positivism Continued
August Aichhorn: 1878- 1949, adopted Freud’s idea’s, ran institution
Theory: crime is a result of over indulged parents, letting their children do whatever they want
without consequence
- Underdeveloped super ego (Freud says over developed super ego)
- Absent or unloving parents
- Failed to form intimate attachments
- Lead to unregulated Id
- Positive environment
- Role models
- Unconditional love
- His ideas are non-scientific, which is key in positivism (the scientific method)
- Concepts are untestable (measuring super-ego is considered invalid)
- Unconscious is not easily retrievable
- There is no validity
- Reliability – would other theorists have the same findings? His studies are subjective
- Generalize ability
- De Facto – his justifications are made after the behaviours are examined
- Heavy emphasis on childhood and sex
Sociological Positivism
Explanations for homelessness:
- Mentally ill
- Substance abuse
- Loss of jobs
- Just lazy
- Uneducated
- Poverty
- Home environment
Fundamental Attribution Error:
- OUR emphasis on personality of the homeless
- There are our faults of not recognizing the external
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