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CRM 1301 Lecture Notes - Sigmund Freud, Anna O., Intellectualization

Course Code
CRM 1301
Carolyn Gordon

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Psychological Explanations
Who is Sigmund Freud?
- The case of Anna O.
oThe more she talked about her symptoms, they would disappear
- Focus on functional disorders (vs. organic)
oOrganic = can be explained by a cause
oFunctional disorders = individual develops a disorder without a noticeable cause
- Adopted idea of the “unconscious”
Levels of Consciousness
- Conscious
oCurrent awareness
- Preconscious
oNot aware of material but it’s retrievable via ordinary retrieval
Key Assumptions of Psychoanalytic Theory
- What psychic determinism?
- Everything we think, say, feel or do is an expression of our mind
How can we reveal the contents of the unconscious?
Defense Mechanisms
- Denial
- Displacement
- Intellectualization
- Projection
- Rationalization
- Reaction Formation
- Regression
- Repression
- Sublimation
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