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16 Mar 2012
Jail Tour:
Established in 1862
Held men, women and children youngest was a 7 year old pick pocketer
Closed in 1972 for inhumane living conditions
First escape attempt was in the 1890‟s by 2 men – swapped identities
6 Solitary confinement cells, naked and strapped down spread eagle to the floor
with only a honey bucket. Only given 15 minutes of unchaining, which were used
to eat and use the honey bucket. There was no light, and inmates would be kept
here for 2-4 days typically, but could be up to 6 months. Swearing, violence etc.
were causes of solitary confinement
Single cells were 3x9 with a single bed and a honey bucket
The cell hallway was called “The Range”, and inmates were put in the hallway for
12 hours of the day
Arthur B. English was the official hangman in 1913
Only 3 official hangings took place here, the most famous being the Thomas
Darcy McGee, he was a politician and was killed by an unknown shooter,
assumed to be Patrick Wallen. There was a lack of evidence yet he was found
guilty and executed.
The prison guards said “Dead man walking” as the hung were walking to their
This prison had the last working gallows in Canada. There is a „foot pedal drop
leaf system‟, one foot tap opened the trap door to hang the prisoner
5000 people came to watch Wallen be executed because he was believed to be
innocent; however, his rope was too short, thus instead of an instant death he was
strangled for 6-8 minutes. He was one of the last public executions in Canada.
In 1976 executions were completely abolished, the last one was in 1962 in
Hangings were the only form of execution used in Canada
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