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Lecture 3

CRM 1301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: The Burning Times

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CRM 1301
Carolyn Gordon

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January 22nd 2015
The Burning Times (film):
1.During the witch hunts what groups were particularly vulnerable to the witch hunts?
-People of different race
-People who did not believe in witches
-People who believed in a different religion
-People who went against anything the church frowned upon
-Women healers.
-Anyone mysterious, different etc.
-Independent women
-Lower social classes (Living on the streets and such).
- Women with higher social class that were not dependent on men.
-People in rural areas
-Older women (if you passed the average age it was suspicious).
-Anyone who spoke out
2.What factors made the witch hunts happen?
With the arrival of Christianity churches were built and it became a way of life. Christianity was the
religion of the elite. They were the majority they had the power. Even though they had many elements
of the regular pagan religion, they were against it. They called it witch craft. They wanted someone to
blame. They wanted to instil fear. Makes people fearful of their religion so they convert with the new
religion. They saw the consequences they could face by speaking out. You didn’t want women being
more numerous in society which is what was happening.
Extra information
Witches are viewed in a very negative light. The word witchcraft has been used to dismiss many
traditions in culture and religion. Many women in peru are still called witch doctors. Thousands of years
ago they would have been prosecuted as witches. Many women relied on Christian forces in their
healing. Witch comes from the word wic which means to bend or shape. There is still hate toward
witches today. Heresy used to be a crime. The women’s holocaust. Rituals were witch craft. Midwives
were considered witches because they went against gods will by easing pain of labour, by doing
abortions, by providing birth control. Anyone that practiced without studying were witches. Husbands
were informed to beat their wives for the good of her soul. Black plague during this time.
Make up two multiple choice questions:
Indicate the right answer
Must include 5 options
Questions must be relevant and reflective of course content
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