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Lecture 14

CRM1301 Lecture 14: Thursday March 12th 2015 (lecture 14)

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CRM 1301
Carolyn Gordon

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Thursday March 12th 2015
William Sheldon: Theory of somatology
3 main somatatypes or in other words body types. These body types had certain characteristics:
-Endomorph: Viscerotonic personality (social, happy, jolly, easy to get along with). Endomorph is a bit
bigger, soft and round in physic.
-Mesomorph: Somatotonic personality (Aggressive, like action and power. Competitive, risk taker) .
Mesomorphs have little body fat, muscular, strong, etc.
-Ectomorph: Cerebrotonic personality (Introverted, shy, reserved, sensitive, self-control, like privacy
etc). Very thin, little muscle or body fat.
The mesomorph was more likely to engage in criminal activities.
Video: The brain and violence secrets of the mind:
What are the dangers/criticisms/limits of employing biological explanations to explain crime and
-“Should brain defects really excuse murder” is one of the criticisms.
-Just because your brain has problems sometimes the person can overcome it so if they are not given
this chance innocent people might be harmed.
-Murderers with these brain deficiencies may be let off easier.
-Could lead to something like a witch hunt so killing people off before they even do anything
-Sometimes it is environmental problems
-The people understand what is right and wrong they just don’t have the feelings to go along with it
which could create a controversy with people.
-Self fulfilling prophecies just because if everyone thinks you will be a murderer you could become that
because of that.
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