CRM 2300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Homicide, Procedural Law, Actus Reus

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9 Feb 2016
Lecture 8—Monday, February 8, 2016: Midterm Review
Midterm Info
30% of final mark
10 mc questions, 4 questions, 2 case analysis
Omitted Sections
Chapter 1
oProblem of jurisdiction in the enactment of legislation pg. 8-11
Chapter 2
oOffences where consequences are not required element
oBeing the occupant of a motor vehicle knowing that…
oIs there a duty to act when person creates a dangerous… pg. 29
oCriminal negligence, manslaughter and failure to act, pg 40-48
Chapter 3
oSpecific rule concerning… pg 55-61
oThe impact of improper medical treatment…to the end of the chapter pg 68-72
Canadian Criminal Law
o1. Legislation: statute law
o2. Judicial Decisions
No one can be charged under Common Law
Criminal Procedure: Police
Canadian Court System
oProvincial courts: federal and provincial cases
Courts dedicated to particular offence or offenders
oProvincial and territorial superior court
oProvincial and federal courts of appeal
oThe Supreme Court of Canada
Divide Criminal Code into 2: substantive law and procedural law
Offences: summary, hybrid, indictable
If someone is applying for a charter challenge it goes to the supreme court
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Empowers judges
Oakes test
Requires two criteria to be met:
o1. The limit must be of sufficient importance to justify overriding the rights or
Is the goal so important that we need to violate someone’s rights?
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