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The Emergence of Modern Prison Kate Fletcher's first lecture of Winter Semester 2011 titled "The Emergence of Modern Prison"

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CRM 2306
Kate Fletcher

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Tuesday, January 11, 2010
Imprisonment As Punishment
The Emergence of the Modern Prison
Ideologies Behind Imprisonment
Punishment: you’ve done wrong and deserve to be punished
Treatment: idea that prison gives opportunity to treat ppl that are defective
Treatment given according to how risky we feel they are
Prevention: way to prevent crime; keep them locked up and they can’t cause
Idea of deterrence
Deprivation of Liberty:
Penalty: prison is a penalty
Means of coercion: throw them in jail to exact money from them
Don’t pay fine, can’t leave
Mechanism of temporary detention:
Often occurs after they’ve been given a sentence of incarceration
Ecclesiastical Confinement
Catholic Church developed prisons ppl would go to prison cuz they
transgressed church laws
Idea that God could only take someone’s life so they needed to be put away
for life
Confinement/solitude punishment
possibility for penitence
Can feel shame, remorse have the chance to sit there and think of
why your behavior was bad
Early Punishments
Trial by ordeal trial by battle
Corporal punishment, mutilation, branding, public spectacles (punishment on the
Whipping and flogging were used in prisons but also tacked on to sentences (ex.
rape, assault with intent to rob, etc.)
Banishment being exiled
Bridewells (houses of correction): productive labour; to instill work ethic in ppl
Ppl of the community benefit
Self-sufficient self-sustaining institutions; gov’t doesn’t need to support
Transportation: exiled to Australia
Ppl shipped off to colonies colonizers buy the ppl and put them to work as
Gov’t starts to question corporal punishment
Hulks up til 1856 way of managing the #s of ppl incarcerated
Classical Criminology
Beccaria: hates Catholic Church
Rule is unfair ‘ I don’t like you, you’re going down’
Pricimacy of law
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