The Prison Population Kate's third lecture of the Winter Semester 2011: Prison Population It includes: Prisons In Canada Statistics Women and Crime Correctional Philosophies (Formal equality, assimilationist, substantive equality) Administrative Excl

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16 Oct 2011

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
The Prison Population
116 prisoners per 100,000 Canadians that includes conditional sentences
$2.7 billion/year
Steps: Crime committed(charged by police)
Either held in provinial custod awaiting trial (remand) OR released awaiting
Found guilty in court
Community supervision (probation - provincial/territorial correctional
measure only) OR incarcerated (fed pen 2 yrs+; prov 2yrs-)
65% of adult correctional population has been sentenced to probation
Also serving time on outside
Prisons in Canda
90% of admissions are to provincial institutions
Of that 90%, 48% for one month or less
Federal prison sentences life sentences (4%)
2-3 yrs (47%)
Federal Offenders:
9 out of 10 have a previous conviction
86% previous youth sentence or adult provincial/territorial prison sentence
26% served a previous federal sentence
Less than grade 12, unemployed and single are major factors when considering
“Special” Populations
CSC says so
Female Offenders:
Aboriginal Offenders: overrepresentation small # in general pop’n but large
prison pop’n
Very high recidivisms; high needs/risk
Women and Crime
1,100 per 100,000 accused of committing CCC offence fraud, common assault,
theft, “offences against the administration of justice” (failing to show up to court,
breeching conditions)
Chronic offenders: charged with 5+ offences
Repeat offenders (7% of total pop’n) responsible for 36% of incidents
Therefore the system isn’t working; or our ideas of deterrence aren’t correct
Disadv. Prior to Prison:
More than half of working poor
2/3 of min wage workers (4/10 have not finished high school)
Casual work (part time/seasonal)
No national childcare program
Social injustice the lack of social participation
55% federal sentences for crimes against person
¼ of federal sentences of drug offences
15% previous federal sentence
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