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Lecture 21

CRM2309 Lecture 21: CRM 2309 A - Lecture 21

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Erin Mc Cuaig

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November 23 CRM 2309 A Lecture 21 Part A: Female Prisoners and Health Female prisoners carry a greater burden of disease, sexual victimization, substance use, and trauma. They are often pregnant and are get impregnated during a previous time to prison Prison Rape Elimination Act (2003) Sexual assault and STDs are common among women1 in 10 prisoners More victimization comes from staff than from other inmates 3x as many victims claim to be victimizedbut stigmas may prevent males from coming forth and twice as many claim to be victimized by staff Anumba and Kirk Many female prisoners were victims themselves before they became perpetrators of crime often sexual assault by someone they know More likely to be exposed to chronic (constant) victimization; abuse substances - Relational Theory (RT) o Relationships are a necessary source of comfort for mental health and important in coping with adversity Isolation, disconnection can be a major source of psychological stress o RT of crime: Unhealthy relationships are a pathway to crime by females Most serious kind is victimizationsexual, physical, emotional abuse that happens in childhood It stunts psychological growth Women need new social networks to buffer themselves in presence of stressors Can be adaptive in situations of life circumstances ***Women have different needs than maleshistorical look on males has been a detriment to females AuCoin and Diane Seek social support when in the presence of victimization Informal Support System: - Advice/ talk to - Friends Formal Support System: - They seek support from shelters, counsellors, victim service agencies, crisi centres Found violent victimization=formal support systemsNovember 23 Reading: Robert, Sylvie, and Rene Women have poor health: - Oppression in life - Lifestyles in incarceration - Overall experience of imprisonment Before going to prison they have to deal with racism, sexism, etc. and these take shape in poverty. There is a lack of material, social, and symbolic resources available to themmany were involved in drug use, sex trade work, unprotected sex with high risk partners. When these are coupled together with bad healthcareand not taking advantage of the healthcare in Canadacan have traumatic outcomes. Emphasize idea of corporeal dimension of prison: - Pain inflicted to punish prisoner - Still exists by confining and isolating prisoners - To make women exercise how they go about their body - Imprint messages, laws and regulations on their body through the harsh enforcement of rules - Women do not
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