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How it is the children can master a language?
CPH (Critical Period Hypothesis)
Is there a time line? Before puberty it’s easier to learn a lang. before 12
*may ask to use one of the theories of children to adult superiority
-brain laterization (brain has two side, lang is possessed in the left side of the brain)
-assigning functions to the right or life side of the brain
-There is this global participation of the brain and maybe that’s why it’s easier to learn
before . your brain finally laterizes
-it’s not that the right has nothing to with lang. but if a person is hurt () then the patient
was. able to still speak if the injury occurred on the right side of the brain
-cognitive development of the brain. Occurs quickly from 0-16 then slows down. At 16 our
cognitive ability allow us to abstract thinking, understand complex concepts, problem solving.
no preconceptions because they are “blind” to the world. –Adults over-analyze lang. children
take it as a task lack of ability to problem solve may be a + thing analysis is not always needed
for 2nd lang learning. adults could learn the syntax, grammar etc. better –lang isn’t just accent
children have a smaller vocabulary
-affective factors-adults have more inhibitions about learning a new lang and reluctant to give
up their lang ego the identity related to your lang and children are developing their identity
established identity, harder to let go of your identity to learn 2nd lang. funny in eng nothing in
French -lang use is tied to identity,
+ attitude more likely to learn lang WHATS + ATTITUDE I love this lang, people, culture etc.
-linguistics children are often learning two langs at the same time when children are learning
a 2nd lang they are focused on this lang only, because they are incapable of abstract thinking
associate various lang skills with social skills –looks like children don’t bring in their 1st lang
coordinate compound
Muscular _______-children have better ability to operate their muscles because there is more
flexibility adults have already learned a lang and have conditioned their muscles to a certain
lang (their 1st) trained themselves to say sounds a certain way
Classic vs. operant learning theory
Compare ROTE learning with MEANINGFUL learning
Define humanistic psychology
Pairs of concept to know difference-transfer vs. interference generalization vs.
Inductive vs. deductive learning
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