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DLS- November 10th Chap 9Cross-Linguistic Influence and Learner Language
The language difficulties the learner may have
Define: Contrastive Analysis Hypothesis (CAH) strong vs weak versions
what the criticisms are of this hypothesis
Prator’s 1970s categories (+one ex for each) pg209
Define Markedness theory
What is Interlanguage?
What the value of error analysis is and the problems?
What is fossilisation and what causes it?
Error vs mistakes overt vs covert errors global vs local errors introlingual vs intrelingual errors
CAH> the principle barrier to SLL is interference from the learners first language
>overcoming the differences is learning the language
>compare and contrast differences to predict future problems
>the process-discribe each system then decide what area of language you want to compare+contrast
>compare+contrasting to predict the problems and
>strong -the attempt to predict difficulty be means of contrasting analysis
>weak compare in order to explain errors they have already made
>moderate- comparing spelling errors with where they came from (roman vs nonroman writing systems)
Cristicism >not all errors can be attributed to the L1L2 compare contrast
>not all errors predicted by CAH didn’t occur
>students from diff backgrounds made similar errors the cause of the error is not the L2
Prator’s hierarchy of grammatical and phonological features of learning
Level 0-Transfer: No difference or contrast is present b’tween 2 langs. and benefit from it
-eg eng-fre television, communication
Level 1-Coalescence: two items in native lang merg into one in target
-eg eng-fre connaitre et savoir in English is know
Level 2-Undifferentiation: An item in the native is absent in target language
-eg eng-fre la,le there is none in eng
Level 3-Reinterpretation: an item that exists in the native language is given a new shape or distribution
-eg eng-
Level 4-Overdifferentiation: a new item that doesn’t exist in target lang that does in native
-eg eng-
Level 5-Split: one item in the native language becomes two or more in target language requiring learner
to make new distinctions
-eg eng-
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