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Electrical Engineering

Computational Intelligence: Developing fuzzy systems using Simulink Computational Intelligence COM907M1 Laboratory Session: week 3 Simulating Fuzzy System in Simulink Exercise 1: Developing a Simulink Model from Scratch To create the model, first type >>Simulink The Simulink library browser appears. To create a new model select New Model button on the Library B rowser’s toolbar. Simulink opens a new m odel window. To create this model, you will need tocopy blocks into the model from the following Simulink block libraries: • Continuous • Discrete • Functions & Tables • Math • Nonlinear • Signals & systems • Sinks • Sources You can copy a Sine Wave block from the sources library. Click on the Sources node to display all sources library blocks. Now drag the Sine Wave block from the browser and drop it in the m odel window. Simulink creates a copy of the Sine Wave block at the point where you dropped the node icon. Copy the Integrator block from Continuous, Mux block from Signals & Systems, Scope block from Sinks. With all the blocks copied into the model window, the model should look something like this shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: Blocks The block ports are indicated by > sym bol. If the symbol points to a b lock, it is an input port. If the sym bol points out of a block, i t is an output port. Signals travel out of an output port and into an input port of another bloc k. Blocks are connected by 1 Computational Intelligence: Developing fuzzy systems using Simulink lines. To connect the Sine Wave block to the Mux block, position the pointer over the output port on the right side of the Sine Wave block. Notice that the cursor shape changes to cross hairs. Hold down the m ouse button and m ove the cursor to the to p input port of the Mux block. Notice that the line is dashed while the m ouse button is down and that the cursor shape changes to double-lined cross hairs as it approaches the Mux block. Release m ouse button, bl ocks are connected. W hen you finish connecting all blocks, the model should look like this shown in Figure 2. Sine Wave
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