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Lecture 4

ENG1100 Lecture 4: Colons and Apostrophes

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Aleksa Jankovic

Colons and Apostrophes Rules for Colons Rule 1- Use a colon after an independent clause to direct attention to a list, an appositive or a quotation. A list- Your routine should include the following: 25 knee-bends, 50 sit-ups, 15 leg-lifts and 5 minutes of running. An appositive- My roommate is guilty of two deadly sins: gluttony and sloth. A quote- Consider Trudeau’s words: I will not leave Canada until the government is completely bilingual. Rule 2- Use a colon between independent clauses if the second summarizes or explains the first. Faith is like love: it cannot be forced. Common misuses A colon must always be preceded by an independent clause. Misuse 1- placing a colon between a verb and its object: Some important vitamins are: Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 Misuse 2- Using a colon between a preposition and its object: The heart`s two pumps each consist of: an upper chamber, or atrium, and a low chamber, or ventricle. Misuse 3- After such as, including, or for example The trees on campus include many Japanese specimens such as: black
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