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Lecture 1

ENG1100 Lecture 1: ENG1100DD Course outline

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Aleksa Jankovic

ENG 1100 DD – Workshop in Essay Writing Monday Workshop: 8:30-10:00am Thursday Lecture: 10:00-11:30am Dr. Hazel Atkins Email: [email protected] Office hours: Monday 10:15-11:15; Thursday 14:45-15:45 English 1100 is a workshop focused on instructing students in the craft of essay writing. Through lectures, in-class exercises and a number of larger assignments, students will develop their skills in areas such as composition, argumentation, research methodology, the presentation of data, and grammar. By the course’s conclusion, students will be expected to be able to write a full-length, university-level research paper on a topic of their choosing. Required Text A Writer’s Resource, Third Canadian Edition. Ed. Maimon, Peritz and Rubens. McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2012. Course Readings: Course readings are in the public domain, and are available online. Students must print all of the online essays and bring them to class in hard copy form, as we will be discussing them in detail in class time. All the essays must be read before the class for which they are scheduled. 1. “The Case for Torture” Michael Levin 2. George Bush Sr. speech: 3. Martin Luther King, “I have a dream”: Grades Breakdown Workshop assignments participation 10% Grammar Quizzes via CONNECT Grammar: 10% Argument essay: 10% Advertisement analysis assignment: 10% Research Narratives Assignment: 10% Essay outline: 10% Essay: 20% Exam: 20% Workshop Assignments Participation – 10% This class is a workshop format. You will practice the concepts in class exercises in class time. Some of these will be handed in for grades. Workshop activities will include discussion, quizzes, group- work, individual writing exercises, etc. If you are not present at a workshop, you CANNOT make the workshop exercises up later. Quizzes via CONNECT Grammar – 10% CONNECT Grammar is an online component of our course available to you through the course text. When you buy your book, you will receive a personal access card with the book. This will give you login information for CONNECT Grammar. CONNECT Grammar allows you to personalize your 1 study of English grammar, to practice your technique, and to improve your knowledge. Regular required quizzes will be held via CONNECT Grammar, which you will do online by a due date. Together, these quizzes are worth 5% of your final grade. Argument Essay – 10% The goal of this assignment is to learn how to present an objective argument. An argumentative essay, 500 words in length. Subject matter TBA. Advertisement Analysis paper – 10% The goal of this assignment is to understand how persuasive techniques are used. You will choose one (or several that are related to one another) advertisement(s) and analyse the techniques used to persuade/sway the audience. A full description of the assignment will be handed out in class and posted on the virtual campus site. (500 words) Research Narratives Assignment – 10% You will work with three secondary print resources related to the topic of your research essay. The goal of this assignment is to investigate and familiarize yourself with the body of existing knowledge on the topic you will write about for your research essay. (3 pages) Essay outline – 10% The goal of this assignment is to present a detailed plan of the research essay to enable you to maximize your writing efficiency. Research paper – 20% The goal of this assignment is to propose, plan, develop, research and write a properly-formatted research paper appropriate for the first-year academic level. Essay length: 2000 words or 8 pages. Rubrics to be posted on virtual campus site. General expectations for assignments: 1. All assignments are to be typed, double-spaced, size 12 font. 2. All assignments are to be handed in with the relevant rubric (available via Virtual Campus) attached. No assignments will be accepted WITHOUT the rubric attached. 3. All assignments are to be stapled in the top left-hand corner. No assignments without a staple or a paperclip will be accepted. 4. All assignments must be handed in to your WORKSHOP LEADER. 5. No cover pages are necessary. Academic Fraud Plagiarism, or copying another person’s work, is a criminal offence and is not tolerated in any form at any time. The professor and TA will be adhering strictly to University of Ottawa rules and guidelines regarding plagiarism. 2 Office hours Held regularly by the TA and the professor, this scheduled times are intended for one-on-one consultation about work, planning, preparation, and discussion of grades. No discussions will take place via email – email is to be used for setting up appointments and informing of absences ONLY. Late Policy All assignments are mandatory and are due at the beginning of class. Failure to submit one of the mandatory assignments will result in an incomplete mark (F) for the course. The TA and the professor DO NOT ACCEPT late assignments. Email Emails to the professor and the TA will be answered on the same day, before 5:30pm. Emails sent after 5:30pm on a work-day may be answered the following morning. Emails sent on weekends may not be answered until Monday. Email is to be used as a method of last-minute emergency communication, a means of setting up office hour appointments, and a method of asking quick questions. All discussions must take place in person in office hours or after class. Date Lecture Period Workshop Period Assignments due on CONNECT GRAMMAR Thurs. Sept 6 Intro to class Diagnostic test Mon. Se
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